Tuesday, 3 July 2012


As I said in my earlier post - Summer School is well and truly here! I am almost through the 2nd week now with 2 weeks to go. The heat is definitely rising here in Abu Dhabi reaching highs of 42-45ÂșC lately!

Just starting to grade the first project for ART251 (Basic Graphic Design) were they show their abilities in Illustrator (example below).

Some of the girls are really talented and can really express themselves through their work and it is great to see this in class.

I only wish there was more time between each class that I have with them as we are fitting in 20 week courses into 4 weeks! and there is just no time to reflect and refine work between classes.

Anyway - back to Blighty in 3 weeks when I will be enjoying sun, rain, snow and tennis ball sized hail stone all in 1 week!

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