Monday, 28 June 2010


After having spent some time in sunny Spain with the family over the last couple of weeks - It has given me some time to reflect on what I would like to achieve from this final dissertation in my MA in Communication Design.

Having spent most of my working life within the design and advertising industry it will come as no surprise that I have tried to avoid taking on any project that I undertake in my normal working week. For this reason my original goal when starting down the path of this MA was to push myself and take on projects that I would never have the opportunity to during the Monday to Friday 9 - 5 life that I lead.

With this said I am still drawn to the use of film and Super 8 Cine - even more-so now that I have been asked to produce a music video for one of Joe Galen's tracks off his recently released album "For Triangles". This will hopefully be one of the main focuses of the final Dissertation. I would also like to expand on the experience from the second semester and produce a series of short films on narrative (something I wanted to create out of the last semester but unfortunately ran out of time).

I have a meeting with Joe over the next couple of weeks, when I will then be able to start putting together the video - I am really exited about the prospect of producing something that is "Commercially driven" as (if good enough) it will be released to the public to be viewed and commented on.

I had a meeting with my lecturer today (Monday) and it has helped me to focus more on what I want to achieve and more importantly gain from this MA. I can now begin to do some deeper research work into this subject and start to formulate some initial ideas to move forward with.

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