Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I have eagerly been waiting for a call today regarding the bespoke case I have had made for my final sculpture and at 11.30 I got it. I rushed over to Rossendale Plastics in Haslingden, paid the chap and walked away with a bubble wrapped box that was far too big for my car!!! I managed to get it in sideways but don't know how I am going to get it into Uni next Wednesday for hand in when it will be upright!!!.

Anyway I now have all the pieces to create my last piece for the deliverables for my MA.

As separate items there is nothing that special about them - other than the tree root being really interesting to look at. Hopefully when the creation is finished it will take on a new meaning and give anyone looking at it food for thought.

I have documented the elements individually and will drop a picture of the finished thing here when it is completed.

Wish me luck!!!

Progress of the piece has seen me becoming a spray painter!. As the base came as a clear perspex I needed to darken it up and block out any visual through the base. I decided the easiest way to do this would be to paint it black, after 2 days and 4 coats - here it is...


  1. This all looks very interesting David! I will be looking forward to Wednesday. Not so much for your presentation, but more the sight of you carrying a tree :)


  2. Thanks Nicky - How are you getting on? Is the book looking good?