Monday, 6 September 2010


Amy sent me this great link to an artists that puts the colour back into some of our much loved trees...

Samuel Francois is an active member in the collective Inkunstruction, working in a broad range of artistic practices, including drawing, installation, urban intervention, and outdoor sculpture. He often uses silkscreen and spray paint, as well as felt tip markers when drawing.

His installations, both in and out of the gallery, have an element of spontaneity and exhibit a clever mixture of material and color. Cultural symbols are carefully placed and manipulated in his object/painting hybrids. The artist’s drawings depict characters of culture, portraits of people donning urban apparel, such as sunglasses, jewelry, hats, and casual clothing. The subjects are executed in fine-tipped marker, bright and colorful against monochromatic backgrounds.

Francois has previously exhibited at Duplex in Geneva, Cruce Galerie in Madrid, and Addict Galerie in Paris, as well as several other solo and group exhibitions.

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  1. These are great - they remind me of Jan Vormann's 'Dispatchwork':

    I really like the idea of something that can be stumbled upon by accident and take the viewer by surprise. Also - as with many of the other land art projects - they seem to force the audience to build up a story about how and why the process took place while a large amount of gallery-based art is all about the product.