Saturday, 11 September 2010


Today final saw all the preparation work materialising. I have produced my first major deliverable for my final dissertation.

This first project was based on my personal view of how nature takes back everything that we produce no matter how long we think it may last nature and the elements always win through.

It is also a reflection of how we are such a throw away culture and it gives us food for thought about what happens to out cast off's. Yes we recycle, but we also leave things to rot and decay all around us.

This mangled bike represents the flipant way in which we disregard our possessions and also gives us an insight into the constant battle nature has to overcome with our urban decay.

Just for the record these images are taken with an iphone as it is the only camera I had on me at the time. The professional images will document the sculpture properly tomorrow.


  1. these look ace! love the sink too!

  2. Cool. Is this on public land, by the way?

  3. Hi Danny it is visable from public land - its about 100ft away from a public footpath.

    The photographer came along today to do the shoot and I hopefully have some really great images to use for the final deliverables.

  4. I'm just glad it has the potential to be viewed by people not expecting it.

  5. Yes it does although unless you do walk off the path it is difficult to spot as it blends in with the surroundings.