Thursday, 8 July 2010


As part of my research into film and narrative I have taken on a project with an artist I met at the Soup Kitchen - "Joe Galen".

"My album For Triangles is now released. It’s been such a long time coming, I’m very excited to see how it will be received. You can pre-order the CD right now from the Creaked Records store. Leo from Creaked sent me a rather chilling article a few weeks ago entitled “It’s difficult to come up with a business model when everything is either stolen or free”. The music business is readjusting itself, and for small fry like Creaked Records and little old me every little, really does help. So your support is appreciated.

I make music for two reasons, one is that I love doing it, two is that I love other people enjoying it. So I hope, sincerely, some of you out there will enjoy my record." You can listen to some of his music through on his web site:

Joes song lyrics feature personal narratives, songs about hanging out with a loved one, just because ('Fish and Chips' - "We can even eat fish and chips if you want to!"), about the dynamics of relationships (Persuasion - back and forth), and my favourite on the album, the last track entitled 'Searching for someone'. Yes, it is about looking for that special someone to share your time with, but it misses being cheesy by a long shot, very nice indeed.

After chatting with Joe today I have decided that the track I am going to produce a video for will be the track title "Uncertain". This moves away slightly from the rest of the album as it has lots of influences from electronic techno and industrial sounds and will be a really interesting track to create visuals for.

I am having a face to face meeting with Joe on Tuesday to discuss his logic behind the lyrics and his inspirations for the music.

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