Monday, 5 July 2010


Today at 1pm there will be a showcase of Postgraduate work through film at the Cornerhouse.

This is an opportunity to view work from fiction and documentary postgraduate students at University of Salford.

Watch this post for more details of how the show went - I will be there from 1pm today to see if I can pick up any tips, narrative etc for my final major project.

Following on from viewing the Major Project Screening this afternoon I now have a couple more ideas to mull through as short films for my final project.

There were some really interesting films shown this afternoon such as: Documentaries

Produced & Directed by Helen Tither
Edited by Efi Modestou

This film was about Manchester and its popular image of it being all about fashion, image and money. However there are some areas where 99% of kids are living below the breadline. 'Dressing it up' presents two families who are living in such a situation. Moreover, what links these two families together is a charity organisation called "Wood Street Mission" which provides clothes, toys and food to the children of these families. The government has pledged to eradicate child poverty by 2020 but statistics are showing that they are already far behind their original target.

Producer: Bethan Morgan
Director: Emma Denniss
Editor: Jennifer Sizeland

On the sidelines attempts to make Dyslexia a visual entity through this documentary, creating a narrative based on the feelings of frustration, confusion, isolation and inferiority.

It is the story of a man called Martin who is longing to be accepted by others, attempting to overcome his Dyslexia and Dyspraxia by being part of a local football team. However despite the seemingly harmless taunts by his teammates, he still remains on the sidelines.

Produced & Directed by: Anna Kelaidi
Editor: Matthew Stacey

This is a documentary that, through the eyes of a citizen tries to touch on the point of view of immigrants living in Athens for years. To hear their opinion and stories on matters of immigration and racisim. The context that through it the conversation starts, is the 2010 law were the Greek State give the citizenship to 2nd generation people. This documentary also showed the importance that language has an everyday tool and a culture that helps to define an identity.

Director: David Quinn
Producer: Stephanie Chlond
Editor: David Jaques

Angered by the behaviour of Salford MP Hazel Blears, local youth worker David Henry feels compelled to stand in the 2010 General Election under the banner of Hazel Must Go. Promises of change and renewal are nothing new to the people of Salford but can David inspire them to secure an unlikely victory?

Direcor: Nikoleta Leousi/Petros Ghikas
Producer: Bernardo Marques
Editor: Jeremy Blackmore
Writer/s: Ben Rose & Adnan Sarwar

A man is running out of time.
What will he do with the moments that remain?
What if he didn't have to choose?

Sky Reflected on Window (detail) is a surreal drama about a man who is running out of time. A man terminally ill. We find him on a rooftop ready to jump. He splits into two people and one of them falls. From this point on he walks around the city, splitting into more people that do the things he won't have time to do or things he was planning to do but postponed for later. The hero at the last moments of his life wonders if anything has any meaning only to discover that everything does exactly because everything has an expiration day.

Director: Nikoleta Leousi/Bernardo Marques
Producer: Jennifer Grant
Editor: Petros Ghikas
Writer/s: Richard Hulse & Adnan Sarwar

A boy finds God in the form of a runaway girl.
She isn't who he thinks she is but she becomes a better person because of him. God is not in the barn, he's inside you.

Cathal, a young Irish boy discovers a girl trespassing on his farm believes that he has witnessed the appearance of the Virgin Mary. Cathal decides to protect the girl, but in doing so, brings trouble to himself and his family. Will he be forgiven? A coming-of-age fable about one boys search for salvation and hope.

Director: Richard Hulse/Jeremey Blackmore
Producer: Ben Rose
Editor: Nikoleta Leousi
Writer: Jennifer Grant

The Travelling Artist is a dark fairytale combining the drama of modern horror with classic elements of Gothic imagery, inspired by the German Expressionist films of the 1920's.

A young artist, Lucy Snow, struggles bravely to cope with more than one grief; the plight of her seriously ill mother, and her own faltering talents as a painter.

Her dreams become haunted by a shadowy figure, the mythical Travelling Artist. This lonely wanderer, it's whispered, has roamed the world for over a century in pursuit of his creative visions. Can such a man exist? And if he does, will his powers be able to rescue Lucy from sadness, and what form will salvation take?

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