Friday, 23 July 2010


Environmental sculptor and photographer Martin Hill has devoted his life to making people see. He wants us to see the beauty of nature, to see that we are very much a part of this nature, and to see that our current modes of living are destroying nature. Yet, even more importantly, he wants us to see that the solution to this problem is all around us, a message that is at the heart of his newest collection, Earth to Earth: Art Inspired By Nature's Design. "My sculptures," Hill explains, "are a response to the fundamental conflict between the destructive linear design of human economic systems and nature's evolved cyclical design." He strongly believes that if we follow nature's example and develop economic processes that are cyclical, with each and every end product nurturing something new, we can ensure a happy, healthy future for ourselves and our planet.

Created from objects found in a variety of habitats, from rain forests to arctic snow drifts, Hill's work visually represents this cyclical design in a stunning array of vivid colors and breathtaking imagery.

Hill's artwork is far more than just a visual reflection of nature's evolved design; the very process of its creation follows the cyclical pathway that Hill so strongly advocates. As Edwin Datschefski explains, "Martin Hill's work shows how, in a very pure way, materials can be borrowed from nature to make a physical product that performs a function or service – in this case the stirring of people's souls. Unlike traditional artists' materials, when the materials Martin has used are returned to nature, they continue on their geological or organic pathways, and the cycles of life are unbroken."

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