Thursday, 15 July 2010


Yesterday we attended the Post Graduate Open Day at Salford Univeristy were we made ourselves available to prospective students looking at enrolling on the MA in Communication Design.

It was also a good chance to get together with fellow piers to discuss our personal projects with each other Danny has since posted me a couple of really interesting and visually appealing sites:

They are really interesting as I would not have normally looked at the subject of water in this way and it has opened up another avenue for me to research and experiment in (thanks Danny - really appreciate this).

I also had another opportunity to chat with our Senior Lecturer for this course (Lawrence) and we looked through the progress I have made so far and flicked through the images I took when I visited Crosby Beach (posted as a separate blog). It was all very positive and has helped me to focus more on specific areas of the subject of water, sand, rock, mountains and how we as humans fit in to all of this. AFter all we are made up of 72.8% of the liquid stuff - (quote by alan fletcher).

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