Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Ageless, the Anti Age Perfume, Promises To Keep You Smelling Fresh


Forever young? Well, unless you're experimenting with cryogenics a la Christian Troy, eventually, no anti-aging cream or plastic surgery procedure will save you from the signs of aging (hey, Joan Rivers tried her hardest and look at how that turned out!). That being said, we can try to preserve our youthful looks without resembling a science experiment gone awry - it just requires some precautionary measures: from maintaining a proper diet to exercising regularly, avoiding cigarettes, using SPF protection, investing in the right moisturizers and eye treatments, etc.

But here's the scary part: apparently, as we age, our bodies start smelling a bit different, revealing our true ages. Now, I'm not necessarily talking about that dreadful "old people" smell (and yes, I know it sounds really politically incorrect but, if you've spent any time around viejitos on the bus or at the doctors' office, you know what I'm referring to! It's like a baby-powder-meets-Depends-meets-dust smell that's thoroughly unpleasant). But in any case, I'm not necessarily alluding to that severe a smell -- I suppose it's just that, as you experience hormonal changes, your body's pheromones smell differently. And, apparently, this can happen as early as your 30s and 40s - which freaks me out.

That's where Ageless, a new anti-aging perfume developed by Harvey Prince & Co., comes in. In clinical trials, women who sprayed this scent on their bodies were believed to be about 8 years younger than they actually were. Now, I tried the perfume on several times and while nobody mistook me for a college student or anything of the sort, I did get many compliments on the scent. So, while I can't guarantee that you'll actually smell younger, I CAN tell you that you'll smell quite good.

The Ageless fragrance features top notes of pink grapefruit, pineapple, mango, apple, pomegranate and leafy greens, a heart of jasmine, lily of the valley, peony and cherry blossom, and a dry down of musk, precious woods and vanilla for a fruity floral scent that's refreshing and feminine.

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