Monday, 9 August 2010


During the day spent with Richard Shilling up in Lancaster I took some time to create my first piece of land art. It was really good to begin working with nature and the items around me.

I decided to produce something that depicted life & decay and collected leaves from around me, some fallen from the trees and others hand picked.

I used some thorns that Richard had collected from previous searches to knit together the leaves and then began to wind them around the tree. The line of leaves used depicted life and death through their colour from a vivd green at the base of the tree showing life to a decaying brown to depict death and decay.

This was pinned to the tree again using natural thorns to keep the piece in place. Over the corse of the rest of the day the wind and rain took over the piece by twisting and flipping the leaves giving them a totally different effect.

Below is a snap shot of what was created.

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