Sunday, 15 August 2010


I set up my compost pile a couple of weeks ago after a conversation with Tash, situated in a corner of the garden, constantly changing with the passing of the days. The rich colours of the rotting vegetable matter creates a daybook of both the memorable and mundane meals that have passed through our kitchen.

This pile of dis-guarded waste is a diary of our consumption, putrefaction and defecation, a celebration of decay where growth and nature are respected.

Below are some of the images that have been taken over the last 2 weeks - it has rained a lot....


  1. they're lovely images! strong colours!

  2. You have such posh waste: pineapples, flowers, olives, the works.
    Show off.

  3. Donna is on a smoothy fix and every morning she is concocting weird and wonderful recipes that have lots of tropical fruits.

    Oilves are a staple part of our diet - every salad has olives of some form in them.

    I wouldn't call in posh waste by any means - there is no caviar or anything like that in our compost bin!