Friday, 27 August 2010


Well - over the past few days as well as polishing my new bike! I have been rummaging around the scrap yards and metal dealers in the area. I have managed to acquire a couple of mountain bikes, a kitchen sink (yep you read right) and several other small objects that I going to experiment with over the next couple of weeks.

I have also been lucky enough to get a friend of mine Eric (a professional Photographer) to document the final outcomes of this project. I can take a decent picture when I have to but as these pieces are going to be merged with nature and the outdoors they are not the sort of things that can easily be situated in a gallery so the only way of showing them in a true visual way is through the medium of photography. I would hate to go to all the trouble of creating these final pieces and them be let down by some (ok) photography. So thanks to Eric Howard of Karen Wright Photography, much appreciated.

I have been pondering over some issues regarding how I can make some of these objects look as though they have been in situ for a long while. This has lead me to using moss, when I was out with Richard Shilling we had a discussion about creating art without disrupting the natural flow and cycle. This has put me in a bit of a dilemma in taking moss from its natural environment and placing it on a foreign body. I am just thinking out aloud as I type this post so I will hopefully find a solution to this over the next few days.

I have found the location to create these pieces (I think) it is on common land so I am hoping that there are no issues with trespassing etc...

I have dropped in a couple of pictures some of the elements I will be using.

Well today is scheduled for a little more dissertation writing so I will close this post for now.

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