Thursday, 19 August 2010


Noemie recreates small episodes from people's lives. Some are based on their fantasies and others draw on their personal experiences. But what is common to all her work is Noemie's ability to translate these anecdotes into a visual language using the narrative properties of the photograph to convey more than a literal document.

Noemie began taking pictures as a young teenager in her grandmother's garden, where she would ask her sisters to dress up in costumes and play a role for the camera. She went on to study graphic design at college but when reviewing her final portfolio she realised that it was full of photography and stopped pursing a career as a designer and applied to St Martin's College in London to study photography.

Her talent was quickly recognised when she won the photography prize at Central St Martins, the D&D Student of the Year Award in 2006 and also in the same year being awarded a merit in the Fujifilm competition.

She has been exhibited internationally: her series of Louis Vuitton sponsored Christmas window displays in Hong Kong; at the D & D New Blood show in London, 2007 and her series "Les Roses de Veules" in France.

Her work is regularly published in magazines such as the Telegraph Magazine, Guardian Weekend Magazine, Vogue and Creative Review.

I am drawn to some of Noemie's work and enjoy how she creates feeling from almost room set type shots outdoors. I particulalry like the Waterfall look from lengths of clear plastic.

Noemie says of her work, "During the past years, my practice has predominantly focus on the construction of spaces that enable 'new perspectives' within the photographic framework. I recently worked on images that explore the invasion of man-made elements into organic landscapes introducing the passionate relationship that societies maintain with the world they live in, their desperate need of exploration and possession. The objects of my images are given alternative uses; like frail vestiges remaining after the passage of passionate societies, both organic and man made inevitably remarry and rebuild new lands..."

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